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"Yet more remarkable is the charming obliviousness of the staff in all three branches to the vulgarities of the High Street. You are treated with courtesy and respect whatever your budget."
Richard Godwin (London) Evening Standard.


The unique internationally known gentlemen's clothier with three shops near the Palace in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington.

Hornets stock is mainly vintage classic English with modern and big name designers, in clothing, shoes, accessories, with new hats and cuff links. Everything for town, country, evening, formal wear and the unusual. There is always a very large stock from all periods.

Hornets has been established for many years and is the oldest classic men's vintage clothing shop in the country. It was the first shop to open, offering second-hand stock from all periods (that is modern and vintage) in a bautique setting.

Most vintage clothes shops are in the fashion business selling what is 'in', Hornets is in the vintage business, selling classic and interesting style.


Hornets. Not fashion. Style.

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