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Etro cufflinks
A not so formal evening

A not so formal evening

A 1940’s bespoke silk velvet dinner jacket/vintage wide silk scarf by Sulka (I have a black bow on but forgot to tie it) crepe de chine 1930’s handkerchief in my breast pocket/a gold 1950’s slim Swiss watch/ Dents vintage kid cloves/the stick is black with an Austrian silver handle, Vienna 1930’s/ Black mohair bespoke evening pants/ Black Oxford shoes by Foster and Sons.

The overcoat is my camel coloured 1950’s double breasted Aquascutum, so on the outside camel and black.

A relaxed outfit for a relaxing evening.


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The Godfather of Style

The Godfather of Style

One of my favourite overcoats, a 1950s Aquascutum. 

With one of my favourite umbrellas, a sporting Bark Ash Brigg, silver band, pencil in the handle.



The Godfather of style

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This is Style, not Fashion

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